How is SENSECO structured?

SENSECO is composed of four Working Groups (WGs):

  • WG1: Closing the scaling gap: from leaf measurements to satellite images
  • WG2: Closing the temporal gap: from daily observations to seasonal trends
  • WG3: Realizing synergy between passive EO spectral domains
  • WG4: Establishing data quality through traceability and uncertainty

What about cross-WGs collaboration?

Close collaboration between the working groups (WGs) will take place.

Hence WG1 and WG2 are closely linked and will work intensively together. Likewise, there are many common proposers taking part in WG3. Finally, WG4 will provide the calibration, validation and uncertainty budget activities and underpin the other three WGs.

The logics will be optimized for maximum knowledge throughout and dissemination and facilitation of interaction between all WGs.

The capacity-building objectives of the SENSECO Action will be partially achieved by the networking activities: training Schools and workshops. Additionally, the Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSM) will complement these activities leading to a robust capacity building across Europe.

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